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Tea |Packaging

  • An equally important aspect of the organization lies in the exceptional packaging standards and design concepts. A team of creative experts are in hand to design and develop tea packaging with particular emphasis on aesthetics, economy, durability and preservation of freshness. New types of tea packs with options of using paper, wood, metal or ceramic can be developed.
  • Chaizup has always adopted what was available in the packaging industry & imported related packaging material to compete with International Packaging Standards. Chaizup takes utmost care to ensure consistent flavor, body, aroma and taste of our teas.
  • Close inspection is done while the teas are weighed and packed into tea chests or paper sacks or poly pouches for retailing and exports.
  • We believe that a customer is introduced to a new brand, gets attracted to the style and concept of packaging. It is only after they are satisfied with the look of the product, the consumers will be comfortable enough to sample the tea and if the taste appeals their palette, this very fact is a brand for the consumer.

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