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Fruit Blends

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Lady grey

Earl grey with a twist! A little zing of passion fruit makes a golden tea infused with refreshing citrus flavours.

Tropical acai mango

Acai berries with tangy hibiscus and juicy mangoes create an exotic blend that is rich in antioxidants and equally revitalising, whether hot or iced.

Rose blush

A light and gently flavoured tea that will treat you to the sweet aroma of a rose garden, making it a perfect afternoon tea.

Strawberry spritz

Strawberries-sweet and luscious-are the perfact summer treat and this tea blend is too.

Apple crumble

This refreshing brew with hints of apple has the flavour of home-baked goodness.It is perfact to enjoy at any time.

Mixed berry

Classic citrus flavours combine with vibrant bursts of strawberry to create a lush, herbal infusion.

Wild strawberry popcron

Bursting with sweet strawberries, apples, raisins and popcorn, this creation is extravagantly delicious.

Blood orange & Ginger spritzer

This herbal infusion is a breezy blend of sweet citrus, bold tropocal fruit and the zing of candied ginger.

Gingerbread man

This tea is a blend of sweet fruit and spicy flavours and is perfect with just a touch of sweetness.


We created our own lemon refresher with hints of pineappe, orange and sunflower. Enjoy it on its own or mix with bold, black tea.