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Masala Chai

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Bombay cutting chai

Take a trip to the heart of all things india with a delectable cup of this tea blend.

Masala darjeeling tea

An organic blend that carries the goodness of earthy indian spices and promises a hearty sip with every brew.

Kolkata street chai

Savour a cup of this tea, with rich Assam tea and exotic Indian spices, inspired by the city of joy-Kolkata.

Traditional masala chai

A truly celebratory tea, masala chai is traditional black tea made with exotic spices.

Earl grey chai

Citrusy and fragrant like an Earl Grey and hearty like a cup of masala chai, this blend overwhelms the senses with a flavour jamboree.

Assam masala chai

The Assam CTC special embodies a natural flavour with malty notes, producing a strong and rich cup that will rejuvenate you.

Sweet cinnamon masala chai

The naturally sweet flavour and aroma of fresh spices blend smoothly with the pleasant, soothing character of CTC tea.

Organic tulsi masala chai

Masala tea with the goodness of tulsi.

Fennel apice masala chai

A traditional and energising blend of assam black tea blended with healing fennel seeds and fresh spices.

Masala green tea

Enriched with ginger, elsichi and pudina, this tea is a healthy substitute for the traditional masala chai.